Patient Testimonials

“Forget the pain pills and muscle relaxers, physical therapy is the only way to go. Pain relief is not just for a short time, it is permanent.” Barb A.

“This has to be the best rehab staff I have ever dealt with. This has not only been a great healing process, it has also been a great learning experience.” Daniel M.

“After a Bunionectomy and other significant surgeries on both feet I was unable to walk normal or up and down stairs without pain. After therapy, I can now walk and resume complete normal function. I could not move or bend my right toe at all and therapy has corrected that. Thanks for restoring my quality of life back to me.” Laurel M.

“Before visiting PTC I didn’t think walking without pain would be possible. After 4 weeks I am pain free and have mobility. I didn’t think it was possible with out surgery. I can now resume a normal lifestyle. Thanks to Mike and staff.” Bob G.

“The therapy totally relieved my problem. I felt my therapist was professional, very knowledgeable and very concerned that I receive a good outcome. Everyone in the office treated me with respect and bent over backwards to be accommodating. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.” Ann H.

“Thanks for everything! You gave me back my life. I couldn’t have gotten such treatment elsewhere. Your staff is wonderful.” Mary K.

“How great it is to be pain free! I feel very blessed to have been referred for physical therapy. Not only did the treatments get my pain “under control”, but also taught me how to manage my pain when it occurs and what to do to prevent it from re-occuring.”
Sandra K.

“Once again, thank you Mike for all of your help. After having surgery I thought it would take forever to get back to normal, but thanks to you it was sooner than I imagined. I feel better than ever. Thank you Mike and Robin.” Roberta B.

“I had a total hip replacement 2 months ago and I am surprised and very happy at how well I am doing. I am 69 years old and I was apprehensive to have surgery because of the recovery process. I have been fishing in a boat twice already! I attribute my recovery to PTC and their wonderful therapy sessions. Everyone in the office was professional and caring! PTC is like one big family and made me feel part of it!”
Clayton J.

“Thanks for the great care I will stop by when I’m in the area. I feel great!” Curt G.

“As the ‘first patient’ of Physical Therapy Consultants of Sylvania, LLC, it gives me great pleasure to write these words of my experience with them. I was very impressed with the professional and personalized service, attention and care given to me by Mike and Robin. They were very professional in their service, kind and courteous. I wholeheartedly and without hesitation recommend them to my family, friends and any person in need of outpatient rehabilitation service.” Chris H.